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Our Locality: Famous Characters from Kingston’s Past

KS1 | 60 min | £70 per class workshop 

Climb aboard our time-travelling airplane to learn about significant people from Kingston’s past! Explore local history through the lives of six diverse residents in an interactive online workshop led by our fantastic storyteller Carole. Your class will meet artist Denise Wren, airplane inventor Thomas Sopwith, HMV’s Nipper the Dog, businessman Cesar Picton, famous photographer Edward Muybridge and Esther Hammerton. The group has the opportunity to develop reasoning and information processing skills during a Q&A plenary and follow-up activity pack.

This workshop is delivered live via Zoom to classrooms, and also includes access to a pre-recorded video of the workshop for learners at home for no extra cost.

This bespoke digital workshop includes:

  • Meeting a diverse range of characters from Kingston’s past
  • Engagement with how we remember the past
  • Class participation to engage different types of learners 
  • Q&A session plenary
  • Temporary access to a pre-recorded workshop for learners at home
  • Tailored follow-up resources pack

Pre-recorded Workshop Access

KS1 | 50 min | £50

For schools with most of their learners at home, both of our workshops are available as pre-recorded videos which can be accessed remotely. Access is provided via a shareable link, which expires after 7 days to allow learners at home plenty of time to watch it and complete the accompanying resource pack.

The pre-recorded workshops include:

  • An engaging recorded workshop, meeting important characters from Kingston’s past
  • Shareable link, live for 7 days
  • Exploration of how we remember the past
  • Opportunities to develop information processing and critical thinking skills
  • Tailored follow-up resources pack with activities to complete at home

Contact kingston.museum@kingston.gov.uk to book and for more information.

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