Kingston Museum Schools Workshops

Our new 2023 workshops are now available!

We are currently offering amazing workshops at Kingston Museum with Rhys Paul, our Cultural Learning and Participation Officer and even workshops in collaberation with All Saint Church!

Saxon Stories with All Saints Church - Key Stage 2

Our Kingston Story at Kingston Museum - Key Stage 1

Saxon Stories at Kingston Museum - Key Stage 2

Muybridge, LEGO & Robotics - In partnership with Beyond Blocks - Key Stage 2



"This was a great workshop which was pitched perfectly. We brought 8 children from two separate specicialist provisions we have in our school and the workshop was very inclusive for them. One of these children spent much of the following day drawing his own map scross several pieces of flipchart paper, adding 3D buildings using blocks and adding animals and people, trains etc in appropriate places - eg a train at the station and people waiting, animals in the zoo and sea animals in the sea (all of which he had drawn) This is the first time he has been engaged in an activity for such a long time. In terms of the children in our two mainstream classes, the children talked for the rest of the afternoon and much of the following day about the fascinating facts they had learnt about Kingston and this was a fantastic kick-off lesson for our local history unit on Kingston's aviation history. Thanks so much - see you next year!"

All workshops can be tailored to meet student needs, and will adhere to individual safeguarding and remote learning procedures. Some of our workshops can be adapted for different year groups, please get in touch via to find out more.

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