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School Learning Programme at Kingston Museum

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We are currently offering 4 amazing workshops that have all been designed around the school curriculum by Rhys Paul our Cultural Learning and Participation Officer

Our Kingston Story - Key Stage 1 | 45-60 minutes | £3.50 per student

Get ‘hands on’ with history with Our Kingston Story - an interactive introduction to the history of Kingston-upon-Thames.There is only one problem - our map is missing important moments from Kingston’s history! We need your help to rediscover Kingston’s past. Explore Kingston Museum and discover local heroes, Athelstan, first King of England, and Eadweard Muybridge, pioneering Victorian photographer as you develop an awareness of local history through key events, people and places. You will be encouraged to ask questions and seek answers as we rediscover those missing moments in order to tell our collective Kingston story
This workshop has been curated in line with the local history of Kingston and the National Curriculum.

Saxon Stories - Key Stage 2 | 45-60 minutes | £3.50 per student

Welcome to Saxon Kingston - or rather ‘Cyningestun’!

The Saxons were renowned for their storytelling and you can join us here, at Kingston Museum, to find out about the role Kingston played in the Saxon story.
Exploring the Museum, you will help us tell over 600 years of Anglo-Saxon history through guided exploration and embedded object handling as you discover what life was like in ‘Cyningestun’. Our workshop covers the period from the Roman withdrawal (410) to the eve of the Battle of Hastings (1066) with a particular focus on Athelstan and the Vikings. 
This session has been curated in line with the local history of Kingston and the National Curriculum. It aims to consolidate classroom-based learning in a museum environment. 

Saxon Stories with All Saints Church -  Key Stage 2 | 105 minutes | £7.00 per student (£3.50 per site)

In partnership with All Saints Church, we offer a dual workshop package that includes an interactive session at both Kingston Museum and All Saints Church. 

Discover Kingston’s rich Anglo-Saxon history and develop an understanding of daily life in Saxon Kingston through object-based exploration at Kingston Museum. Using this knowledge, you will then walk in the footsteps of Athelstan, first King of England by reenacting his coronation ceremony at All Saints Church over a thousand years ago.
Each workshop lasts approximately 45 minutes with an additional 15 minutes to transfer between the two sites. This also provides a great opportunity to see the Coronation Stone - believed to have been present at up to seven Anglo-Saxon coronations - as you travel between sites.

Muybridge, LEGO & Robotics - In partnership with Beyond Blocks - Key Stage 2 | 90 minutes | £5 per student

Come and learn about the work of Eadward Muybridge in a hands on and interactive way through the medium of LEGO!

In this session, your students will build a LEGO robot and learn how to program it to move. Your host, Beyond Blocks (winner of the Club Hub 2023 Best Start Up award), will lead the children through the basics of computer programming and you'll also get the chance to use a contemporary version of Muybridge's own Zootrope built from LEGO.

This workshop takes place at Kingston Museum in partnership with Beyond Blocks.

Kingston at War - Key Stage 2-3 | 45-60 minutes | £3.50 per student

New Malden. 16th August 1940.
The Second World War comes to Kingston.

Join us at Kingston Museum for an investigative exploration of Kingston’s experience of the Second World War - beginning with the first air raid in New Malden on 16 August 1940. Analysing local bomb maps and wartime images from the History Centre, you will discover the impact the Blitz had on the Royal Borough of Kingston. Get assigned a role as an Air Raid Warden or as a US soldier stationed in nearby Bushy Park and learn about the important role local people played on the Home Front.

This session has been curated in line with the local history of Kingston and the National Curriculum.


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