Free Guides and Community Trails with Bloomberg Connects

Explore Kingston Museum’s collections with our free digital guide!

Click this link or use the QR Code to download the guide ⇒

Accessing the app

Click the link above to download the Bloomberg Connects app. on your mobile or tablet. Once downloaded, search for 'Kingston Museum'.
At the museum, simply connect to our free wifi and follow the link above. You can also search for 'Bloomberg Connects' on the App Store or Google Play.
The app has accessible audio, video and BSL content and in addition to specially translated tours for our Korean, Hong Kong, Tamil and Ukrainian communities, you can also use Google Translate to access the guide in many different languages.

About the digital guide

On the app, you'll find maps, videos with our curatorial staff, audio clips and more. Whether on site or anywhere in the world, you can explore Kingston Museum gallery by gallery. Alternatively delve into our multilingual community-led trails developed with the Korean, Hong Kong, Tamil and Ukrainian residents, which open up the collections, featuring some quirky and lesser known objects as well as items usually in storage. Scroll to find out more below.

When visiting the museum, look for Bloomberg Connects look-up numbers and QR codes next to objects on display in the galleries and start discovering more.

The app is regularly updated with information about exhibition and new research.

Community-led trails

These four community-led trails created with the borough’s Hong Kong, Korean, Tamil and Ukrainian communities feature some quirky and lesser known objects and the guide also contains highlights of the collection on display in the Museum.

Supported by the National Community Infrastructure Levy Fund, this project has seen the team at the Museum work closely with four different communities in Kingston: the Hong Kong, Korean, Tamil and Ukrainian communities. We have worked with local people to create bespoke trails for each community group which reflect their experiences. Featuring some quirky objects and an opportunity to digitally explore items usually in storage, the multi-lingual trails open up the collections to diverse communities in Kingston and beyond. Find out how the poppy is symbolic in both British and Ukrainian communities or how the river at Kingston holds different meanings to different groups. Each trail features ten stops which cover themes from sport and nature to music and celebrations.

Please note that not all items in the trails are on display at Kingston Museum.

About Bloomberg Connects

We are delighted to work in partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies to make this digital guide possible.
The Bloomberg Connects app is a free digital guide showcasing cultural organisations around the world, making it easy to access and engage with arts and culture from mobile devices, anytime, anywhere. The app allows you to explore over 350 collections from botanical gardens, performance venues, outdoor sculpture parks and museums around the world.