Creative Flow: Kingston, Art and the River Inspired Events

The Hogsmill River: Film Showing and Talk Fri, 8 Dec 2023, 18:00

The Hogsmill stands as one of Kingston's most cherished natural habitats—an internationally rare chalk stream with only approximately 200 found worldwide . It serves as a crucial wildlife corridor, supporting a diverse ecosystem of fascinating creatures. Join Kingston's Biodiversity Officer, Elliot Newton, for an engaging talk that will unveil the wonders of this remarkable river, including the mysterious stories of European eels, vibrant kingfishers, and the recent return of water voles.
Admission is free, however space is limited so places must be booked in advance. The talk will begin at 18:00 and will feature a short film showing followed by an informal Q&A discussion.

Tree of Dreams: An Art and Wellbeing Workshop with Lyndsay Russell Sat, 9 Dec 2023, 14:00

Create your very own 'Tree of Dreams' in this art and wellbeing workshop with local artist Lyndsay Russell and Đào Tran-Boyd of Chan Tri Wellness. Beginning with a gentle meditation to start the workshop, be inspired by Creative Flow as Lyndsay and Đào guide you on a journey to create your own 'tree of dreams'.
With Christmas just around the corner, your 'tree of dreams' could be the perfect personalised and thoughtful gift for a loved one this Christmas. Suitable for all abilities, you will be led by the artist in a simple and peaceful mandala art workshop to produce a 'tree of dreams'. M andala dot art is peaceful, simple and often results in beautiful artwork. Starting with a gentle meditation and healing bowl sounds, this is a unique chance to tap into your visual potential in a warm, fun and friendly environment. Whether the finished image is for yourself or a loving gift for someone in your life, the experience will leave you feeling uplifted with a well deserved break from the seasonal rush.
S pace is limited, so places must be booked in advance on Eventbrite. 'Tree of Dreams: An Art and Wellbeing Workshop' takes place upstairs in Kingston Museum's Art Gallery and begins at 14:00 with an expected runtime of approximately two hours and fifteen minutes.

About the Artists
Lyndsay Russell is a local artist currently featured in Kingston Museum's Creative Flow: Kingston, Art and the River exhibition. H aving previously exhibited at The Saatchi Gallery (London) and the West Bund Artistic Centre (Shanghai), Creative Flow is the latest exhibition to showcase Lyndsay's creativity. With an MFA in Fine Art from Kingston University's School of Art, Lyndsay regularly uses Kingston upon Thames and the River as a source of inspiration for her artwork. For more information visit Russel's website or socials: Instagram Website

Đào Tran-Boyd is a yoga instructor, sound healing therapist and meditation teacher who aims to help people reconnect, rebalance and reboot. For more information visit Tran-Boyd's website or socials: Instagram Website

Looking for Ophelia Wed, 20 Dec 2023, 14:00

Accompany Jane Cradock-Watson as she discusses 'Looking for Ophelia' and takes the audience on a metaphorical journey along the Hogsmill River. As featured in Creative Flow, Jane will discuss the visercal journey of her two books with a focus on landscape, memory and what first drew her to one of Kingston's most beloved natural environments. Thought to have been the location of John Everett Millais' famous painting of 'Ophelia', join Jane as she explores the Hogsmill River through the Pre-Raphaelities and its relationship with the local landscape.
Space is limited, so places must be booked in advance on Eventbrite. Admission is £5.00 with the talk scheduled to begin promptly at 14:00. Following Looking for Ophelia, there will be an informal discussion / Q&A.

One Thames or Two? The Early History of London River Sat, 6 Jan 2024, 14:00

Led by Jon Cotton, One Thames or Two? The Early History of London River explores how the Thames has shaped the local landscape and the various ways in which early communities used it over time: as a provider of resources; as an artery of communication; as a physical and psychological boundary; and as a sacred stream.
The talk will begin at 14:00 with an informal Q&A/discussion taking place afterwards with Jon. Space is limited, so places must be booked in advance on Eventbrite. Tickets cost £5.00 with the event taking place upstairs in the Creative Flow: Kingston, Art and the River exhibition space.
A bout the Speaker
Jon Cotton is an 'actively retired' archaeologist, museum curator and freelance researcher with a long standing interest in London's early history and the archaeology of the Thames.

Plein Air: Sketch and Draw by the River Thames Sat, 23 Mar 2024, 14:00

Join local artist and printmaker, Louise Anderson for a Plein Air: Sketch and Draw art workshop by the River Thames. Beginning at the Museum, you will embark on your own journey riverside where you will have the opportunity to sketch views of the river and its surrounding environment. Be inspired by our current exhibition - Creative Flow: Kingston, Art and the River - that showcases how the river has long been a source of artistic inspiration in Kingston, both locally and nationally and featuring your host, Louise Anderson, whose own work is currently on display in the exhibition.

What you will need:
Portable sized sketchbook, any drawing materials you wish to use graphite pencils or paints and any other materials. Additional art materials will be provided in the museum.
Dress practically including comfortable footwear, bearing in mind we will walk along to the banks of the Thames by John Lewis building - there is some shelter to draw and sketch. The paths may be uneven and there are stairs on the bridge.

This workshop is £6 per person

Further details of the location and route of this workshop will be available soon.