Reproductions, licensing, fees and terms

Reproductions terms and conditions

General conditions

  1. All communication connected with the reproduction of material held by Kingston Heritage Service should be addressed to the archivist, curator or local history officer.
  2. Requests are considered only on receipt of a copy of the Reproduction application form fully completed by the publisher/producer ('the applicant'). If accepted a copy of the authorised form will be returned to the applicant.
  3. No further copies or use may be made of material supplied to the applicant by Kingston Heritage Service except solely for the purposes originally declared in the application. They may not be reused without permission, or supplied to any other person.
  4. Colour slides, monochrome negatives, photographic prints or digital copies may not be made by outside companies or photographers for commercial purposes.
  5. Kingston Heritage Service may refuse further applications from a publisher or broadcaster if, in our opinion, the standard of reproduction has not been of sufficiently high quality.
  6. Kingston Heritage Service reserve the right to refuse an application without explanation, particularly where the Service's commercial interest could be compromised.
  7. Material which has been loaned to the applicant remains the property of Kingston Heritage Service and must be returned by the date specified or as soon as it is no longer required for the purposes originally declared in the application, whichever is the earlier. Kingston Heritage Service reserve the right to charge a fee for late return.
  8. In the case of film, video and audio records, loaned material may not be copied for any other purpose than that originally declared. Extracts may be selected from the loaned material but such extracts must be used in their entirety without further editing. There must be no modification, distortion or addition of any new material to such extracts.
  9. On the publishing or broadcast date a complimentary copy of each publication, broadcast or product must be forwarded to Kingston Heritage Service for record purposes.
  10. The applicant shall on request assign to Kingston Heritage Service free of charge any publication right to which the applicant becomes entitled by virtue of publication of any material held by Kingston Heritage Service.


  1. With the exception of reproductions used in advertising the following acknowledgement must appear in either immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the section devoted to acknowledgements: By permission of Kingston Heritage Service.
  2. Where a Kingston Heritage Service reference is available it must be quoted.
  3. In the case of television programmes and films, acknowledgement to Kingston Heritage Service must be included in the credits.
  4. Where reproductions are used for advertising or promotional purposes the form of acknowledgement must in every case be approved by the archivist/curator/local history officer.

Copyright clearance

  1. Kingston Heritage Service does not hold records of the copyright ownership for many items in its collections. Therefore Kingston Heritage Service may not be the owner of all the rights in the material supplied. Kingston Heritage Service does not authorise photography, filming, reproduction, on-line publishing or broadcast under any rights it does not own. The applicant must ensure that all necessary rights and consents to publish or broadcast are properly cleared in advance at the applicant's expense.
  2. Kingston Heritage Service shall have no liability however arising from any photography, filming, reproduction, publishing (including on-line publishing) or broadcast of any Kingston Heritage Service material by the applicant or any other person. The applicant shall indemnify Kingston Heritage Service in respect of all claims, demands, proceedings, costs, charges and expenses whatsoever in respect thereof or in relation thereto arising from such activities.
  3. Any fee payable to the copyright holder is additional to the fee due to Kingston Heritage Service


  1. A full breakdown of the fees charged will be found on the fees and charges page.
  2. Invoices for fees and charges must be paid within 30 days. Late payment to Kingston Heritage Service may result in refusal of future applications by the applicant.
  3. Charges payable cover only the specific occasion detailed on the application form. All reprints, further editions or re-employment on the material in another project require a new application and are not covered by the original payment.
  4. Any charge is in addition to that raised for the sale of any photographic, film, video or other images to the applicant.
  5. Special consideration may be given to requests for illustrations for academic or scholarly works of limited or unpublished circulation.

Photography and filming

  1. Applicants who wish to photograph or film items held by Kingston Heritage Service will be bound by these regulations. In particular, applicants should note the section on copyright clearance. In addition, anyone carrying out the photography or filming will be required to sign a form accepting full responsibility for any injury to persons or damage to property incurred while using the facilities.
  2. Facility fees will be charged for all photography or filming on Kingston Heritage Service premises.
  3. The applicant or photographer, as appropriate shall on request assign to Kingston Heritage Service copyright in all transparency/photographs/digital images made of material held by Kingston Heritage Service.
  4. Kingston Heritage Service reserves the right to require copies made from our material to be deposited with Kingston Heritage Service after use.