The Surrey Comet

The Surrey Comet has been the main newspaper for Kingston since 1854. We hold a complete collection, up to date.  The original bound volumes from 1854 to 1998 are held in our off-site store, but we have microfilm copies for viewing in the History Centre. Bound volumes since 1999 are held at the History Centre.  

Issues from 1854 to 1910 are available online.

Other newspapers

There have been several newspapers covering the area, some of which have lasted longer than others. Below is a list of those held by Kingston History Centre.

Title Dates Covered  Hard copy  Microfilm  On-site  Off-site store 
Surrey Comet 1854-1998 Y Y m/film Hard copy
Surrey Comet 1999-date Y N Y N
Kingston and Malden Borough News 1963-1980 Y N Y N
Kingston and Surbiton News 1882-1899 Y N Y N
Kingston, Surbiton and New Malden Times  1994-1999 N Y m/film N
Kingston Express 1886-1893 Y N N Y
Local Illustrated News 1922-1924 Y N N Y
Malden and Coombe Times 1937 Y N N Y
Surbiton News 1959-1961 Y N Y N
Surrey Daily Post 1913 Y N N Y
Wimbledon Borough News 1949-1953 Y N N Y











Only those marked as being on site can be viewed without an appointment. Those held in our off-site store need to be ordered in advance. You can make an appointmen to view these by contacting

The British Library holds a number of newspapers that are not held by the History Centre.  These include the Informer, Kingston and District Free Press, Kingston and District Observer, Kingston and Surbiton Guardian, Malden Local Guide and District Advertiser, Malden News and North Surrey Standard, Surrey County Courier, and Tolworth and Ewell Times.

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