Climate KAOS Judge's Choice Award

Dr. Paul Micklethwaite, Head of MA in Sustainable Design at Kingston University, selected 'Man on a Tree' by Terry Sweeney as winner of the 'Climate KAOS' art competition. Congratulations to Terry Sweeney, who receives a £150 Cass Art voucher.

Dr. Micklethwaite commented:
I found 'Man on a Tree' the most powerful and thought-provoking work in the show. Rather than highlighting a particular symptom of our unsustainable lifestyles, such as plastic waste, it presents the existential dilemma we face in trying to decide what course of action to take in response to the increasingly evident consequences of our impact on our planet. We are all the man with the axe - as we watch the waters rise, do we trust to fate, or act without certainty that what we do will be for the best? Our pride in our civilisation has not prepared us for this ultimate moment of jeopardy.