Life Itself from Kingston Community Library Service

About the project, Life Itself

Life Itself is a book that has been developed by Kingston Community Library Service in collaboration with Local residents. It is a record of conversations which they hope will inspire more conversations. As well as reminiscence and stories they have also
included some well-known and not so well-known poems, along with some photographs and archive images.

The stories in Life Itself were shared during telephone conversations with members of the Kingston Community Library Service in April and May 2021.The stories are local and international, vivid and reflective, serious and humorous. They range across time and space and yet everyone in this book lives in Kingston.

They hope that you will find something in these pages to spark your own thoughts and reflections. If you would like to discuss this project further contact or call on 020 8547 6451 during office hours. If the team are out delivering books they will return your call when they get back.

They told me about a bomb in Kingston during the war. It went off near a school and there was white powdery dust everywhere. The kids were sent home and on the way home one of them kicked something which they thought was a doll but it wasn’t...

About Kingston Community Library Service

Kingston Community Library Service is a service for people who are housebound for any reason. They may be physically unable to get to the library or to carry their books home; they may have caring responsibilities and so don’t have time to go to the library. Membership may be permanent or temporary, some residents have recently joined following a hospital discharge and will enjoy a trip to their local library when they are stronger.