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Community Library

Tucked behind Surbiton library is one of Kingston's best kept secrets. Kingston Community Library , a library that no reader actually visits  but that delivers books; talking books and  DVDs to an increasing number of Kingston’s elderly or housebound residents.  Behind the door there are shelves of the newest book releases and it is a  hive of activity with boxes and bags of books and talking books being packed for the daily deliveries  

The Community Case is on the ground floor of Kingston Museum and open to the public during Kingston Museum opening times.

The library also has a selection of themed reminiscence boxes containing books and artefacts from times gone by; share your  memories and experiences as you look at the 1950s or 60s box, or ‘Life at Home’, ‘Gardening’ or the ‘Girls Night Out’ box.

A Reminiscence Box at the Community Library

A Reminiscence Box at the Community Library

The  library has never been busier; the librarians work hard with regular phone calls to residents asking for their news and just having a chat ensuring they have plenty of books to keep them amused and occupied. 

We set off from here in our electric van and our volunteers head off in their cars, on foot, and by bicycle to deliver to you at home.  We come once a month to deliver new books and collect the old ones. 

All Types of people join this library  but all have one thing in common; they find it difficult to get to a library or to carry large numbers of books home to read.

So, if the Community is unable to get to the libraries then the library must go to the resident.

The community display case is available to Royal Borough of Kingston’s residents, artists, makers, community groups and local schools.

This is a great way to showcase your artwork, project or organisation. Each display typically stays up for a month, and the case is located in the heart of Kingston Museum.

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